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Console Wars
April 27, 2007

I was just looking over my RSS feeds today and came across The Xbox 360 Elite on Engadget, which is apparently yet another new console. I’m lucky enough to live with someone who has been able to afford all the next generation consoles but recently replaced the Xbox 360 with the PS3. We were all quite disappointed with the 360 as the games were all very short and single player or multiplayer online – if your prepared to pay for online play (which the Wii and PS3 offer for free)

Neither the Xbox or the PS3 come close to the fun had on the Wii, I’m sure by now everyone has seen the wiimote and the way in which it works, but it truly is amazing how much more fun it is to use and how well Nintendo have carried across the unique element of fun all their previous games and consoles have presented. There is soon to be up dates for the Wii allowing users to connect USB mass storage devices. The one thing the Xbox did quite well was intergrate with my iPod, allowing us to listen to our own music in synch with games. The interface displayed an iTunes-esque display which read iID3 tagging perfectly. Other USB devices weren’t so greatly recieved though; a flash drive charged up with pictures would allow users to see the photos on the xbox interface but not copy them onto the Xbox hard drive… which is where Microsoft are going nowadays with digital rights protection.

The Wii on the other hand, I think, will stay away from DRP, their internet browser is made by Opera who made one of the first open source tab based web browsers – this can only mean good things teaming up with open source companies and not trying to rake in more money from the casual gamer who occasionally wants to browse the net.


Anyone thinking of getting a console should get a Wii, its following exactly the same steps in the media as other innovative gadgets that changed their marketplace forever. The iPod was condoned for an all number of things when it was first released but it still is better than any MP3 player on the market due to its simplicity and almost fail proof integration with a computer, whether it Mac or PC.

The Wii’s bad press has been based around how childish the games are and the lack of online play. The best games on it are childish but thats whats fun about Nintendo, and the online gameplay is on its way with Mario Soccer in which users will be able to upload Miis as characters!

Saab BioPower
April 23, 2007

Everytime I fill up the car now I find myself questioning the use of my car in Southampton and find myself thinking about the CO2 emissions the car is releasing. Often this chain of thought is out weighed by how much I enjoy driving, but the future of driving in the UK seems to be getting more and more expensive with road tolls and more speed cameras sprouting up, one option for cheaper road travel is to invest in an eco friendly car and enjoy government incentives such as reduced road tax and cheaper fuel costs.

Saab BioPowerSaab have recently started advertising Saab BioPower on television. The new Saabs run on Bioethanol which is a concentration of gasoline and ethanol, in theory it will cut back on our demand for gasoline and reduce air pollution.

In Brazil Bioethanol cars have been about for years, the Brazilian supply of sugar cane is the basis of their bioethanol industry. So everything seems set for Saab’s Biopower, sadly though in this country there are only a handful of places scattered over the country that users can fill up at. At this stage in the life of eco-friendly cars you can’t go wrong with the Toyota Prius, which has a normal fuel tank and an electric motor and the intelligence to know which source of power to use when. Saab denying people the use of any fuel station will hinder sales of their BioPower cars.

April 23, 2007

Hello folks,

This is just a tester post to see how everything pans out, hopefully the RSS feed should work smoothly. For those of you who don’t use RSS feeds at the minute I highly recommend doing so; it cuts out so much time trawling through your favourite sites… its simply in one place. You will need a piece of software to do so, I suggest Snarfer

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