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Simply a phone…
July 18, 2007

Interesting to see a new mobile phone which is simply a phone and on top of that; easy to use. The Austrian company Emporia Life designed the phone for the older generation.empolife_slope-open-1web.jpg

“We are in discussion with a number of retailers, but particularly when it comes to the mobile networks, they find it hard to see where this kind of device fits within their brand,” said Mr Smith, managing director of the UK distributor Communic8. “Currently they’re very much driven by the youth market or the business sector because that’s where they make their revenue. It’s difficult to see where a product like this would fit within their portfolio,” he added.

It’s a shame the sale and design of mobile phones is all marketing pull, one would think this simple mobile phone would appeal to other market segments. I imagine the phone lasts longer than cutting edge technology phones which are built with the intention the user will replace it within 1-2 years. Hopefully though the much awaited iPhone will change the life span of mobile phones as Apple tend not to ditch previous technology and still offer support to older products.