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Paris Motorshow: Yawn.
October 29, 2010

The Paris motorshow is generally considered one of the best of the year because manufacturers unveil their concept cars and supercar manufacturers often bring out their best of the best. However looking over the highlights this year I found myself yawning at the sight of everything. a new Ford Focus for example, when the Focus was initially introduced it was radical it was curvaceous, sharp and a very balanced design, it has tamed itself in years since but the new one is just simply dull, it could be a Vauxhall or a Kia even. Even Lotus, who normally produce very distinctive cars have faded into the norm with the Elite, pictured below, it looks like a Ferrari 458 met a Toyota Celica met a Mazda RX8.

Click Here and read and see all the highlights of this years show.

The similarity in some classes of car now is crazy, look at the Jaguar XF, Vauxhall Insignia and Lexus IS, I challenge you to distinguish one of these 3 cars coming up behind you on the motorway from 50-100 yards, its impossible, even from side on. I think I know why to; the side panels are bare, too smooth, nothing for the eye to settle on.

There are only three new cars on the road at the moment that really catch my eye, the retro styled Fiat 500, which is impossible to not see and smile, the Citreon DS3, which is an interesting mix of angles and colour choices and finally the Citreon C6, I’m not sure whether this is a beautiful car or I just watch it incase a french assassin jumps out.

Rhino OSX
October 26, 2010

Since switching over to Mac, and my old laptop frying itself to death, I have not been access to any 3D CAD software. Well after Apple’s latest Keynote the other day I was excited to see that Autodesk products will be coming to the Mac, however it only¬†occurred to me earlier that its going to be well out of my price range. After a bit of searching I found out Rhino is being developed for the Mac, I used Rhino at university and the end results were great but the software was very unstable and prone to crashing. So I signed up on their site and am awaiting and am downloading as I type.

Update: It’s pretty awesome, feels much the same as the Windows version, as you’d expect, I opened up a file from University which Windows Rhino used to struggle with but it seems fine here. Only downside at the moment is the rendering engine, which appears to be fairly limited compared to the windows version Flamingo.
October 24, 2010

I remember before Google was popular when and fought for our searches, there were of course a number of others but since Google no one ventures into the world of other search engines. Well I’ve just found quite a nice one that isn’t logging our IP addresses against our searches, like google is. Not that I’m particularly bothered that Google knows what I’m searching for but access to my searches would reveal what I like to buy, where I go, where I live, my interests and generally a social profile on me, and not only me; 99% of internet users in the western world.

So anyway this new search engine is called Duck Duck Go, it has some nice little features such as giving searchers the first paragraph of what Wikipedia has to say about your search. Not only that but it then attempts to display the official site of a particular topic next, where as google is a popularity contest, whatever website has the biggest web of links to it moves up the ranks. Have a little look and check out the about section for more of its features, don’t let Google watch everything you do online.

Southampton Ice Rink
October 23, 2010

In July I was very pleased to see planning for an Ice Rink in Southampton has been given the go ahead, not only did this excite me because of the prospect of Southampton getting back into Ice Hockey but also it will be a stones throw away from my front door. St Mary’s road is the proposed sight, the area is in need of redevelopment and the Ice Rink complex appears to be it.

The complex is set to contain a Gym, bar and several shops as shown in the artists impression above. So hopefully it won’t be long and i’ll be going to the first game of the Southampton Vikings!

October 22, 2010

Just got round to sorting out my website and pulling all the different aspects of me online into one manageable chain of links. is now the starting place to access my Blog (Which is the blog I will be using now), Portfolio, CV, etc. So whats new? Well I have finally got a proper desk sorted where my mini mac can sit along with its two screens and my Ubuntu PC, so basically a proper workstation so I can get back into the game.

Please excuse my website for a while, the portfolio section I want to do in Flash so it may take a while before you see anything. On the technology front I was glad to catch Apple’s latest keynote yesterday, the introduction of iLife 11 seems amazing, they demonstrated changes they have made to iPhoto, iMovie and most impressively GarageBand. With the latest update your band can have no Rhythm what so ever and still create perfect tracks!