I remember before Google was popular when and fought for our searches, there were of course a number of others but since Google no one ventures into the world of other search engines. Well I’ve just found quite a nice one that isn’t logging our IP addresses against our searches, like google is. Not that I’m particularly bothered that Google knows what I’m searching for but access to my searches would reveal what I like to buy, where I go, where I live, my interests and generally a social profile on me, and not only me; 99% of internet users in the western world.

So anyway this new search engine is called Duck Duck Go, it has some nice little features such as giving searchers the first paragraph of what Wikipedia has to say about your search. Not only that but it then attempts to display the official site of a particular topic next, where as google is a popularity contest, whatever website has the biggest web of links to it moves up the ranks. Have a little look and check out the about section for more of its features, don’t let Google watch everything you do online.

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