Rhino OSX

Since switching over to Mac, and my old laptop frying itself to death, I have not been access to any 3D CAD software. Well after Apple’s latest Keynote the other day I was excited to see that Autodesk products will be coming to the Mac, however it only occurred to me earlier that its going to be well out of my price range. After a bit of searching I found out Rhino is being developed for the Mac, I used Rhino at university and the end results were great but the software was very unstable and prone to crashing. So I signed up on their site and am awaiting and am downloading as I type.

Update: It’s pretty awesome, feels much the same as the Windows version, as you’d expect, I opened up a file from University which Windows Rhino used to struggle with but it seems fine here. Only downside at the moment is the rendering engine, which appears to be fairly limited compared to the windows version Flamingo.


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