Paris Motorshow: Yawn.

The Paris motorshow is generally considered one of the best of the year because manufacturers unveil their concept cars and supercar manufacturers often bring out their best of the best. However looking over the highlights this year I found myself yawning at the sight of everything. a new Ford Focus for example, when the Focus was initially introduced it was radical it was curvaceous, sharp and a very balanced design, it has tamed itself in years since but the new one is just simply dull, it could be a Vauxhall or a Kia even. Even Lotus, who normally produce very distinctive cars have faded into the norm with the Elite, pictured below, it looks like a Ferrari 458 met a Toyota Celica met a Mazda RX8.

Click Here and read and see all the highlights of this years show.

The similarity in some classes of car now is crazy, look at the Jaguar XF, Vauxhall Insignia and Lexus IS, I challenge you to distinguish one of these 3 cars coming up behind you on the motorway from 50-100 yards, its impossible, even from side on. I think I know why to; the side panels are bare, too smooth, nothing for the eye to settle on.

There are only three new cars on the road at the moment that really catch my eye, the retro styled Fiat 500, which is impossible to not see and smile, the Citreon DS3, which is an interesting mix of angles and colour choices and finally the Citreon C6, I’m not sure whether this is a beautiful car or I just watch it incase a french assassin jumps out.

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