Ferrari FF

I absolutely love what Ferrari are doing nowadays, after nearly 15 years of boring 360’s, 430’s and 612’s they finally brought us the beautiful 458 in 2010. Not that I’ve had first hand experience with a 458 but I hear they are absolutely fantastic to drive, I ogled at one for a good hour at the Ferrari garage in Lyndhurst on my Birthday last year, it simply looks stunning, a completely fresh look for Ferrari – thats for sure.

So recently Ferrari have come out with a replacement for the rather dull 612, their big 4 seat grand tourer. It’s called the FF, which stands for Four wheel drive and four seats. It is Ferrari’s first four wheel drive car and their first ever shooting-brake design.

Again, this is completely revolutionary for Ferrari, nevertheless it looks amazing. Some of the best looking cars ever made follow the shooting-brake design, my favourites include the Jensen Interceptor, Volvo 480 and Lynx Eventer.

Comparing this car to its rivals then, well it is about the only car in its class that doesn’t look like a stretched supercar. That ridiculous Porsche Panamera looks like a stretch armstrong 911 and the Aston Marin Rapide looks like a DB9 thats been inflated.

The Ferrari then, with its 6 litre V12 engine and near perfect weight distribution looks to be the leader in its class, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and a top speed on 208 mph is unbelievable. In my head and dream garage it looks great parked next to my 458 Italia.

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