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iPhone tracks movements? Really?
April 22, 2011

So Apple are keeping our location data, ://BBC article Nothing to do with GPS data though, the data involved is gathered from Cell towers.
So we all agreed to the last iTunes licence agreement changes in June last year, but did any of us read that we are agreeing to let Apple collect our location data and share it with it’s partners to improve location services? No? Well rest assured folks, the fact is cell location data is piss poor.
Since getting my iPhone nearly 2 years ago I have been on a pay as you go O2 Plan known as ‘favourite place’, this features being able to call fellow O2 users and landlines for free from my postcode, however it seems to work all over Southampton.
Presuming that Google is one of Apples partners that this data is being shared with though, is still quite concerning. Google who were collecting wi-fi network data on their street view odyssey last year, supposedly by “accident”, oh and Google who are keeping data of every search term entered into their Search Engine.
You can prevent Apple from getting this data, there’s a guide on Engadget, but I’m not going to give you a link because your not going to do it are you? I mean, your not even going to read the terms and conditions when you sign up for your free MobileMe account are you?
Facebook and our data is the one to watch out for, that Zuckerburg is a very very very rich man. Using our Activities and Interest data to sell us, well erm, ‘Apple Products’