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iPhone tracks movements? Really?
April 22, 2011

So Apple are keeping our location data, ://BBC article Nothing to do with GPS data though, the data involved is gathered from Cell towers.
So we all agreed to the last iTunes licence agreement changes in June last year, but did any of us read that we are agreeing to let Apple collect our location data and share it with it’s partners to improve location services? No? Well rest assured folks, the fact is cell location data is piss poor.
Since getting my iPhone nearly 2 years ago I have been on a pay as you go O2 Plan known as ‘favourite place’, this features being able to call fellow O2 users and landlines for free from my postcode, however it seems to work all over Southampton.
Presuming that Google is one of Apples partners that this data is being shared with though, is still quite concerning. Google who were collecting wi-fi network data on their street view odyssey last year, supposedly by “accident”, oh and Google who are keeping data of every search term entered into their Search Engine.
You can prevent Apple from getting this data, there’s a guide on Engadget, but I’m not going to give you a link because your not going to do it are you? I mean, your not even going to read the terms and conditions when you sign up for your free MobileMe account are you?
Facebook and our data is the one to watch out for, that Zuckerburg is a very very very rich man. Using our Activities and Interest data to sell us, well erm, ‘Apple Products’

2010: The year of Consumer Tech
December 28, 2010

We have had quite a year for technology, Apple once again have taken the limelight with the iPad and iPhone 4 and probably most impressively the new MacBook Air. This christmas though we’ve heard non stop about the Xbox and its motion sensor Kinect system, dubbed as gaming without a controller.

I want to talk about some of the things you may not have seen this year and what may be happening of the next 2-5 years. Google released the Google TV package earlier in October this year, which basically brought together their Android operating system, the internet and the television hoping to revolutionise the way we watch television, and experience the internet in our homes.

Apple have attempted this already with the Apple TV, proving to be to a bit to limited, restricting users to iTunes and selected video websites. Sony are almost there with the PS3, a full web browser with divX and Flash abilities is available along with BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player and LoveFilm Apps, although all experience huge OS crashes and Bug issues.

I am most interested with the development of OnLive, which is basically a pay as you go cloud gaming console. Although only properly available in the U.S. at the moment users are invited to play a handful of decent gaming titles over a server. So no high end spec PC’s or games consoles are required, all the jazz is done on the server end. I have downloaded it for the Mac and played the demos (can’t buy anything as its only is U.S. Dollars at the moment) and it works very well. In the U.S. they have brought out a micro console and games controller which they hope to bring to Europe in 2011.



I think OnLive could be great, however the games industry are reluctant to jump on board due to it being an unknown platform. Dominance in the games console market is met by getting the bigger games titles on board and fast.

My prediction is then that Apple will either clone the OnLive system or buy it out and integrate it in the Apple TV system. With all the good work they have done in the App store with games, and the success of iPhone and iPad gaming must lead to Apples step into the Gaming hardware industry.

Rhino OSX
October 26, 2010

Since switching over to Mac, and my old laptop frying itself to death, I have not been access to any 3D CAD software. Well after Apple’s latest Keynote the other day I was excited to see that Autodesk products will be coming to the Mac, however it only¬†occurred to me earlier that its going to be well out of my price range. After a bit of searching I found out Rhino is being developed for the Mac, I used Rhino at university and the end results were great but the software was very unstable and prone to crashing. So I signed up on their site and am awaiting and am downloading as I type.

Update: It’s pretty awesome, feels much the same as the Windows version, as you’d expect, I opened up a file from University which Windows Rhino used to struggle with but it seems fine here. Only downside at the moment is the rendering engine, which appears to be fairly limited compared to the windows version Flamingo.


October 22, 2010

Just got round to sorting out my website and pulling all the different aspects of me online into one manageable chain of links. is now the starting place to access my Blog (Which is the blog I will be using now), Portfolio, CV, etc. So whats new? Well I have finally got a proper desk sorted where my mini mac can sit along with its two screens and my Ubuntu PC, so basically a proper workstation so I can get back into the game.

Please excuse my website for a while, the portfolio section I want to do in Flash so it may take a while before you see anything. On the technology front I was glad to catch Apple’s latest keynote yesterday, the introduction of iLife 11 seems amazing, they demonstrated changes they have made to iPhoto, iMovie and most impressively GarageBand. With the latest update your band can have no Rhythm what so ever and still create perfect tracks!