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Eco-Living and Sustainability
May 14, 2007

It was nice to see Gordon Brown addressing sustainability in new build homes yesterday, after what seemed like a final failing push from Labour before the elections with the Code for Sustainable Homes in March. The code set standards for some level of sustainability in design and build but is only applicable to new builds and has already been criticized for not being mandatory. Our homes account for 30% of CO2 emissions produced by the UK .

As shown in the table above China’s CO2 emissions have been slowly creeping up along with the growth of Chinese industry, and they followed America’s footsteps on the Kyoto Protocol, The International Energy Agency predicts that this year or next China will surpass the United States as the world’s No. 1 producer of greenhouse gases. However it is interesting to see some of China’s poorest people taking advantage of the sun and converting to solar energy. China plans to spend up to $4 billion by 2010 developing renewable energy. This could prove significant in twisting America’s arm into renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions.